1000 Scores

1000 Scores. Pieces for Here, Now & Later is a project by Helgard Haug, David Helbich & Cornelius Puschke featuring new performance scores by various artists.

Produced by Rimini Apparat, coproduced by PACT Zollverein, Tanz im August / HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Goethe Institut/Federal Foreign Office of Germany and KANAL – Centre Pompidou.

Performance scores that were commissioned by the project between 2020-2021:

!Mediengruppe Bitnik1000 Bots
Peter AblingerAnti-authoritarian Etude
Olad Aden und Citénoir
Bini AdamczakHow to do Good Deeds Online
Ryoko Akamamusic of every day’s score
Farida Amadou – SILENCE LEADS
Konrad Amrhein & Laura Nikolich – How to be a Mermaid
Artur Miranda AzziOctober 28, 2018 – A Necropolitical Portrait
Lydia Balz SWITCH for lights and eyelids
Eva-Maria Baumeister
– before your very ears
Asa Berezny Chaos Coir
Chiara Bersani Double Roped Party
Juan Betancurth
Nika BertramLOUDER than the SUN
Annesley BlackTOO BIG TO FAIL (TBTF)
Matilde Böcher & Felia Gram-Hanssen O= C – N – H / The Secret Handshake
Yara BoustanyImaginary Bodies
Noam BrusilovskyRehearsing Death
Andreas BülhoffHow to Fix Technology
Dana Caspersen WE ARE NOT DOOMED: an act of de-polarization for whatever comes next
Tracy ChahwanHow to completely lose your sense of identity….
Nadim ChoufiThe desire to close a circle can make it spiral
Frances Chiaverini
Separation of Church and State or How to Make Your Mother Proud on Election Day
Kaj Duncan DavidScreen Time
Lucas DeryckeDRAW
dorisdeanwhere does it hurt?
Annie DorsenLinguistic replicas
doublelucky productions AUFLÖSUNG #3
Jeppe Ernst In Paradisum (24 Private Songs)
Tim EtchellsTen Phrases & A Call in Relation to Fear
Loucka Fiagan Emotional transmute
Nour FogThrowing records
Davis Freeman 13 Kisses
Angela Miracle Gladueᓃᒥᓈᐣ  ᒨᒋᑲᐣ nîminan môcikan
Felia Gram-Hanssen & Matilde Böcher  O= C – N – H / The Secret Handshake
GrupoKRAFT S H I F T I F I C A T I O N – 4 Micro dances to perform at home
Shakeeb Abu Hamdan“____”
Inga Huld Hàkonardòttir
Blindspot Meditation
Ant Hampton & Christophe Meierhans
Time For Answers
Trajal Harrell KK #1
David Helbich – Some Things Cannot Be Undone. Others Can  & Music in 11 Pieces
Husam Hilali Coffee with Those You Can’t Meet Again
Maija Hirvanen – Pushing Score
Sebastian Hocke small things
Lisa Homburgerthis is reconnecting
Vlatka HorvatProximities
Neo Hülcker MUTE
Pauline Jacob 21,%
Pia Janssen
Mind the Mask
Stina Hasse Jørgensen & Jane Jin KaisenFor More Than One Voice
Choy Ka Fai – Everyone Can Butoh
Annika Kahrs Your Favorite Music
Jane Jin Kaisen & Stina Hasse JørgensenFor More Than One Voice
Caroline Kapp & Julia Nitschke… isn’t ready with me yet.
Shari Kasman
Reinventing Space
Amir Reza Koohestani & Keyvan Sarreshteh – Persianlove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Pronouns
Hajooj Kuka Post Resilience
Laura Laszloffy & Aurelia ToriserTasting Sound
Tom Lee
– Processiony, entirely (feeling all right) <
Anna McCarthy & Paulina Nolte – OBJET D’EXORCISME
Zaibab Magdy
Touching, Feeling
Pejk Malinovski & Sydney VilesHowl for Three Pillows
MAPA TEATROEl “Año Viejo” 2020 / 2020 Rag Doll
Ragnhild May Today
Christophe Meierhans & Ant Hampton Time For Answers
Tahila Mintz – water reverb
Mette Moestrup
Nástio Mosquito 
THEY THE THEM ARE WE – Let me be clear | The Perishable Utterances
Nacy Mounir as long as we’re still breathing
Radouan Mriziga 0.5C0R35
Laura Nikolich & Konrad AmrheinHow to be a Mermaid
Julia Nitschke & Caroline Kapp
… isn’t ready with me yet.
Kettly Noël
Paulina Nolte & Anna McCarthyOBJET D’EXORCISME
Maxi ObexerWaiting with Waves
Fabio Melecio PalaciosTeaching how to eat fish
La Pesch
STOP & GO – you are the public performance
Cornelius Puschke
éleos  +++  Infectious
Ahilan Ratnamohan Lingua Hopscotch
Yasmina Reggadthose that do not shall be cursed
Ellen Rothenberg – THE FUTURE IS OURS
Transformella Ikeae (cared for by J. P. Raether) The TFRL Function
Tabita Rezaire Dance Until Exhaustion
Kevin RittbergerCodeCode
Curtis Talwst Santiago – Life Line
Oscar SantillánCare for Dust
Keyvan Sarreshteh & Amir Reza KoohestaniPersianlove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Pronouns
Michael Schmid – Walking the B-side
Ula Sickle – Score for Night Travel
Laila SolimanDear You
Laila Soliman / Stacy Hardy Dear you, too little or too big
Something with SchulmusikInterface – Piece for personal computer and human being
Briana Stuart – Rhythm is Everywhere
Salma El TarziHowever vast the waters
Davide Tidoni
Parallel Walls
Julie Tolentino You give rise and help me see that motionless presence vibrates hard …
Aurelia Toriser & Laura LaszloffyTasting Sound
Philine Velhagen1000 Doors
Sydney Viles & Pejk MalinovskiHowl for Three Pillows
David Weber-KrebsAfter Lunch (a prayer)
Elaine Whittaker – Microbial Gestures
Tara Aisha WillisDurational Performance of a Day for Nov. 3rd, 2020
Samson Young – Two part invention for solo viewer on any two instruments
Bassem Yousri Consciously Subconscious